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Come Meet Gordo

Gordo is a 6 year old neutered male.  Gordo is a mild-mannered kitty that can be vocal when he’s needing affection and he’s a big boy, tipping the scales at 16.6 lbs.  When Gordo came to us in June 2019, he had been abandoned at a local motel and was severely matted.  Our medial staff gave him a lion-shave to make him more comfortable and during the shave he was amazingly calm and let the staff do what was needed-an unusual quality for a cat.  As a naturally long-haired cat he will need a weekly or bi-weekly brushing to keep any hair matting away as, with his size, he can no longer reach some areas of his body.  If his behavior during his lion-shave is any indicator of how he will like a brushing…he will do just fine.

Gordo is now waiting for his forever home where he can lay on his owners lap while getting loved on and take naps in a cozy bed.  Is Gordo the perfect cat for you?  You’ll never know unless you come on in and meet this fine gentleman of a cat.

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