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Office: Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 3pm | Donations, Stray Intake, Phone: Monday - Saturday 8am to 4pm (928) 474-5590




Annie Bamber- Co-Executive Director

Annie began working for the Humane Society of Central Arizona in June of 2015. She was previously employed by Boston Medical Center where she gained experience working with Non-Profit organizations. Annie has previously worked for a veterinary clinic for 4 years where she gained experience working with animals and assisting in practice management.

D.J. Palmer- Co-Executive Director
D.J. joined HSCAZ in August 2015. He has 13 years experience as a veterinary technician and also with boarding, grooming and obedience training. D.J. brings with him a true passion for animals and a desire to provide them the utmost in excellent medical care.


Mike Behrens   

Mike has been working at HSCAZ since November of 2016 after 35 years as a Wildland Firefighter.  In his time at the shelter, he has personally adopted two dogs and helped his children find their forever pets as well.  His favorite part of working at HSCAZ is seeing dogs find their forever homes.  Although he also loves cats, his allergies limit him from working with our feline friends.  Mike enjoys his time with his co-workers and says there “isn’t a better job out there for an old guy like me”.  Mike works part-time with our big dogs and is always happy to help out and pick up an extra shift.  Thank you Mike! 


Teri Dorr

Teri has been working at HSCAZ since October of 2018.  She previously volunteered here for over five years after moving from Oregon where she also volunteered at animal shelters.  Teri currently has two cats and one dog of her own.  Her favorite part of working at HSCAZ is being able to have an office dog with her while she answers phones, spoils Bucky the office cat and assists the public.  She is usually the first smiling face you see when you enter our doors.  Teri works part-time and truly enjoys her time spent with the animals, her co-workers, volunteers and potential adopters.  Thank you Teri!



Loni Ellis

Loni has been working at HSCAZ since November of 2014.  Growing up near horse stables in California, she often volunteered her time caring for horses in return for riding lessons.  Loni started working in kennels and is now part of our Medical Team where she assists with vaccines, surgery, etc.  Loni and her husband have three dogs and two cats currently.  Her favorite part about working at the shelter is seeing the complete transformation of the animals we care for.  Seeing animals come into the shelter that either have medical or behavior problems, being part of their rehabilitation, and watching them leave for their forever home are the most rewarding part of Loni’s work. Thank you Loni!



Josh Goode

Josh has been working at HSCAZ since December of 2017.  Previously, Josh was a cook but decided to change career paths to something more rewarding… he now often states he will never leave.  Josh and his family have two rescue pit bulls at home.  While at work, he prefers to work with the big dogs and has recently become part of our Behavior Team.  Josh finds his work at HSCAZ rewarding because he not only gets to spend every day with animals, but he truly enjoys his co-workers and helping to rehabilitate dogs with behavior problems that wouldn’t potentially get another chance at a different shelter.  Thank you Josh!



Leah Horvath

Leah has been working at HSCAZ since December of 2017.  Although she had never worked in a shelter environment previously, she grew up having animals, always bringing home strays and her parents both worked with shelters.  Leah is known at HSCAZ as our resident “cat lady”.  She not only takes impeccable care of our felines, but her professional grooming experience helps countless animals that come into our shelter in terrible condition needing relief.  Leah and her husband have one rescue cat currently.  Her favorite part of working at the shelter is knowing she is doing her part to save more lives and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Thank you Leah!



Michelle Knorr

Michelle has been working at HSCAZ since May of 2017.  Although she had never worked with animals before, she grew up with cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils and ducks.  Her and her family currently have a 10-year-old pit bull rescue named Oreo.  The Knorr Family hopes to move into a home soon so they can continue to adopt more dogs and cats.  Michelle’s favorite part about working at HSCAZ is spending time with the cats and seeing our animals find their forever homes.  Michelle works full-time and is one of the smiling faces you will see when you enter our shelter.  Her time at work is always very busy between animal records, social media, inventory and adoptions.  Thank you Michelle!



Nicole LeBeau

Nicole has been working at HSCAZ since July of 2015. Before starting at the shelter, she had volunteered with other animal rescues previously.  Nicole started working in kennels and has moved her way up to Shelter Supervisor and leads our Medical Team.  She currently has one dog and two cats.  Nicole’s goals for the shelter are to help create more programs for our community’s youth to provide better education at an earlier age.  Her personal goals are to advance her skills medically and learn from many different teachers and practices.  Nicole’s favorite part of working at the shelter is to be able to help an animal become healthy and give them a loving place to live until they can find their forever.  Thank you Nicole!




Cheyanne Morgan

Cheyanne has been working at HSCAZ since March of 2019.  Before coming to our shelter, she was a Veterinary Technician in Phoenix.  Her previous experience has been very helpful to our shelter and animals.  Cheyanne has two dogs at home.  While at work, she prefers to work with the dogs but loves to spend time with our cats and help them find forever homes.  Cheyanne’s favorite part about working at the shelter is being able to establish a bond which each and every animal that enters our doors and then helping to transition them to a new life.  Thank you Cheyanne!




Josh Redondo

Josh has been working at HSCAZ since April of 2016. Josh started working in kennels, and continues to, but has also become an integral part of our Behavior Team and does an amazing job using different forms of media to promote our adoptable animals. His favorite part of working at the shelter are the numerous, daily opportunities for personal and professional growth. Josh currently has one shelter dog (Lincoln) who is a huge help to the Behavior Team when new, shy dogs come into our shelter. Josh is always willing to help in any situation and lend a hand to anyone in need. Thank you Josh!




Erika Schulteis

Erika has been working at HSCAZ since December of 2017.  Erika works in all areas of the shelter and loves working with both cats and dogs.  She is an aspiring author, an amazing cook that often shares her delicious food with all of us, decorates the shelter beautifully for every Holiday and is always a smiling face.  Before the shelter, Erika traveled the world on missions with her church before moving from Montana to Payson.  Her favorite part of her work is seeing our shy dogs and cats come out of their shells and get adopted into their forever homes.  Erika has one cat Oliver she adopted after he came to the shelter at just a few days old.  Thank you Erika!



Chris Thompson

Chris started working at HSCAZ in July of 2015.  He started working in kennels and is now our full-time Behavior Team Lead.  Chris has always loved animals but since he started working for the shelter, his passion has grown into his life-long career.  He is now AKC accredited to certify dogs as Canine Good Citizens and is currently in school to become a Certified Dog Trainer.  Chris’ favorite part of working at the shelter is training and engaging with dogs that have come to us with behavior problems and working with them (for sometimes months at a time) to rehabilitate.  Chris and his family recently adopted a Chihuahua Ruby and are in love with her.  Thank you Chris!




Bucky began working at HSCAZ since December of 2019.  He was brought to us as a stray and has since taken over the entire organization and is currently serving as our CFO (Chief Feline Officer).  Bucky’s favorite part about working at HSCAZ is his never ending supply of people to love on him, papers to knock off of desks, snacks to eat and the occasional mouse to catch (even though that’s literally his only job).  Thank you Bucky! 

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