Feeding Fido Pet Food Pantry

The Humane Society of Central Arizona (HSCAZ) believes that no one should have to choose between feeding their pets or feeding themselves, or worse, surrendering or abandoning their pet in the hopes that they will be rescued.

Pets provide stability for their families during trying times. Unfortunately, during financially stressful times, often the pet is the first sacrificed in order to be able to afford food to feed the family. Our community has risen admirably against the plight of impoverished families who need to be fed and there are food banks to help with this crisis. The Humane Society of Central Arizona wishes to build upon this generous spirit by implementing the following program:

HSCAZ’s Feeding Fido program provides pet food for pet owners struggling to feed their pets due to financial hardship. Our goal is to help keep pets in their home and out of the shelter by providing assistance to those in need. We do require documentation to ensure that our support is going where it is most needed.

To receive free pet food you must submit this application with all required documents, and be approved prior to receiving food. Once approved, you will be eligible for one year, provided you adhere to all of our guidelines. This program is designed as a temporary solution and will serve families on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requirements for assistance:

One applicant per household. Applicants must be 18 or older. By signing our application and requirements, you agree to follow the rules outlined below:

Click here for the complete Feeding Fido Pet Food Pantry Application

You may also pick up an application in person at 605 W. Wilson Court, Payson, AZ.



  • Photo ID with the completed application.
  • Utility bill with a matching address listed on the application.
  • Must provide one form of documentation showing need for assistance (acceptable documents listed on the second page of the application).
  • Proof of ownership of all animals in your household (vet bill, microchip, rabies certificate; impound slip, licensing information, etc. Any paper form) TAGS AND PHOTOS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF OWNERSHIP
  • Proof of rabies vaccine and licensing is required. If you do not have current proof, please see HSCAZ for assistance.


  • Pets MUST be owned by the applicant.
  • Pets you are requesting food for MUST reside in your home.
  • Pet food is for Gila County residents only.
  •  We will support no more than 4 animals per household.
  • Feeding Fido is based solely on donations. You will receive food/brands we have available. Recipients WILL NOT be able to specify food/brand. If your animal is on a special diet, a note from your veterinarian is required. The special diet food is NOT guaranteed.
  • Cat litter, dog and cat treats, and wet food will be given out if it is available.
  • We provide food for the animals listed on the original application only. No additional pets may be added after an application is submitted. We will not provide food for any new pet you receive. Applicants will not be able to adopt any animals while enrolled in the Feeding Fido Program.
  • Our mission is to keep pets with their families by providing temporary assistance; clients should not add pets they are not able to provide for.
  • You are not guaranteed the same amount of food each month. Should inventory levels get low, we will help more people by giving less food.
  • Distribution days will be the 2nd Thursday of every month, from 3:00-3:30 p.m. at HSCAZ.
  • If you miss more than three (3) food pickups you will have to re-apply for assistance.
  • You may add up to two (2) adults as alternates, if you are not available, to pick up food on your behalf.
  • If you no longer need assistance during your eligibility period, please let us know so we can help another household.
  • The Feeding Fido Pet Food Pantry program is meant to ease TEMPORARY financial stress. Applicants must reapply every July if assistance is still needed.
  • If we find evidence of abuse or deception (lying about pets, selling or trading food, etc.) you will immediately and permanently be removed from the Program.