Due to many factors, occasionally members of the public feel they must surrender their pet to the Humane Society of Central Arizona. If you are considering surrendering your pet(s), we encourage you to make every effort possible to correct any behavior issues or possible medical issues with your vet. A lot of behavior and medical issues can be handled with a little bit of work and time. If you find that you MUST surrender your pet, please consider donating in addition to the surrender fee so that we can continue to provide high-quality care.

Although HSCAZ is a no-kill facility there are cases, due to extreme behavior or untreatable health issues, that euthanasia does occur.  If you are surrendering your animal there is always a chance that the animal may be euthanized. HSCAZ cannot contact you regarding any decisions made about the animals’ status or adoptability. We encourage you to find another home for your animal on your own so that we may keep our kennels open for strays. When attempting to re-home your animal, you can utilize Facebook, Craigslist, Trades-n-sales, etc. at your discretion (see below for further rehoming options).

HSCAZ is often at full capacity and maintains a waiting list. Please call ahead to save time (928) 474-5590.

Anyone abandoning or observing the abandonment of an animal is in violation of § 90.22 ADEQUATE CARE.

Minimum Donation Amount for Owner Surrender

  • Dogs- $50 for each animal or $100 for each litter
  • Cats- $50 for each animal or $100 for each litter

Please keep in mind when making your donation that HSCAZ invests over $350 into each animal that enters our shelter, in addition to $15 a day for general care. We are a non-profit organization that is dependent on the community for funding.

Other options for rehoming:

  • Facebook - Rim Country Animal Rehoming and Rescues/Shelter Animals - is a page dedicated to rehoming pets.
  • KMOG's Trades N Sales - 928-474-2427
  • Payson Roundup and/or the Rim Review
  • Website - - is a dedicated website for rehoming pets.
  • Flyers - post in local vet offices, pet stores, grooming salons, dog parks, churches, and community billboards.
  • Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc.
  • Breed-specific rescues/cat sanctuaries – Google is the best place to find rescues/sanctuaries in your area.