Recycling Aluminum

The Humane Society of Central Arizona’s recycling program helps us raise money for the animals while doing a great service for our community and the environment.

Aluminum drinking cans for soda and beer are collected in the bins painted like a Dalmatian around Rim Country and at the animal shelter. In addition to the bins located at the entrance to the HSCAZ facility, can collection bins can also be found at the dog park, Payson Golf Course, Star Valley Town Hall, Green Valley Park, and Ponderosa Market in Pine. Make note – dedicated volunteers give their time to pick up from these bins, and they’d love it if they didn’t have to sort through people’s household trash. Please tie off donated bags of cans for ease of transport and handling. UNcrushed cans will bring in more money for the animals than crushed cans! The white bins with black spots are for aluminum drinking cans ONLY. If you’re interested in participating in HSCAZ’s recycling program as a volunteer or as a business that produces items to recycle on a regular basis, please contact the Humane Society at 928-474-5590. Recycling is good for the environment, creates jobs, helps conserve resources, reduces landfill waste….and recycling with the Humane Society supports the compassionate care of hundreds of animals. Everyone wins!