Nicole LeBeau

Medical Director

Nicole has been working at HSCAZ since July of 2015. Before starting at the shelter, she had volunteered with other animal rescues previously.  Nicole started working in kennels and has moved her way up to Shelter Supervisor and leads our Medical Team.  She currently has one dog and two cats.  Nicole’s goals for the shelter are to help create more programs for our community’s youth to provide better education at an earlier age.  Her personal goals are to advance her skills medically and learn from many different teachers and practices.  Nicole’s favorite part of working at the shelter is to be able to help an animal become healthy and give them a loving place to live until they can find their forever.  Thank you Nicole!

    Luci Trushel

Operations Director

Luci became our Director of Operations in November 2021, she came from our Resale Store that she had managed since 2019.  Before moving to Arizona she was on the Board of Directors for Jefferson County Humane Society in Ohio for 8 years. She assisted in many abuse and neglect cases, her passion is to help those without a voice. She is an amazing asset to our cause and brings a positive and fun atmosphere to the staff and volunteers. Her favorite part of the job is helping  our homeless animals find new homes and working with the community. She looks forward to growing our organization bringing awareness and public outreach to our community. She shares her journey with her 2 fur-babies Hunter and Mishka. Thank you Luci!

Leah Horvath

Kennel Supervisor


Leah has been working at HSCAZ since December of 2017.  Although she had never worked in a shelter environment previously, she grew up having animals, always bringing home strays and her parents both worked with shelters.  Leah is known at HSCAZ as our resident “cat lady”.  She not only takes impeccable care of our felines, but her professional grooming experience helps countless animals that come into our shelter in terrible condition needing relief.  Leah and her husband currently have 3 rescue cats.  Her favorite part of working at the shelter is knowing she is doing her part to save more lives and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Thank you Leah!  
Michelle Knorr

Office Manager 

Michelle has been working at HSCAZ since May of 2017.  Although she had never worked with animals before, she grew up with cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils and ducks.  Her and her family currently have a 11-year-old pit bull rescue named Oreo.  The Knorr Family hopes to move into a home soon so they can continue to adopt more dogs and cats.  Michelle’s favorite part about working at HSCAZ is spending time with the cats and seeing our animals find their forever homes.  Michelle works full-time and is one of the smiling faces you will see when you enter our shelter.  Her time at work is always very busy between animal records, social media, inventory and adoptions.  Thank you Michelle!
Sean King

Behavior Specialist

Sean has been working at HSCAZ since June 2021. He comes with 16 years of experience working with dogs, 7 of those years working with behavior dogs. He worked at the Animal Foundation (Lied Animal Shelter) in Las Vegas as an Adoption Specialist and then San Diego Humane Society Behavior Center. His passion is to work with the behavior dogs, he says they all need love and affection. He shares his home with 4 females, 3 four legged and 1 two legged. Thank you Sean!

Sammi Stamper


 Bio coming soon

Angelina Knorr

Kennel Staff

Bio coming soon.

Elli Linkey 

Kennel Staff

Elli has been working with HSCAZ since the beginning of July 2022. She is a huge lover of all animals; dogs, cats reptiles and even insects! She's adventurous, fearless and always striving to create healthy and positive environment. She shares her home with her 3 dogs, 2 cats and her reptiles. Her favorite part of her job is working with the dogs and cats at our shelter.  Thank you Elli!

 Devyn Morrow

Kennel Staff

Bio coming soon.

Lucas Alvarez

Kennel Staff

Bio coming soon.

Kayla Pupuhi

Kennel Staff

Bio coming soon.
 Owen Mort 

Resale Store Assistant Manager

Owen has been working for the Resale Store since September of 2016. He fell in love with his job, often volunteering additional time to help our busy store. Owen is generally found in the receiving area and is always complemented on his go-getter attitude and infectious smile and personality. His favorite part of the job is meeting new people and helping raise money for the animals. His life outside of the store consists of many hikes with his rescue dogs Josey and Blaze. He strives to meet his goal of doing better each day and takes great pride in helping HSCAZ. Thank you Owen!
Vicky Clifton

Resale Store Assistant Manager 

Bio Coming Soon


Bucky began working at HSCAZ since December of 2019.  He was brought to us as a stray and has since taken over the entire organization and is currently serving as our CFO (Chief Feline Officer).  Bucky’s favorite part about working at HSCAZ is his never ending supply of people to love on him, papers to knock off of desks, snacks to eat and the occasional mouse to catch (even though that’s literally his only job).  Thank you Bucky!