Petco Volunteers

The Humane Society of Central Arizona is dependent on dedicated volunteers to help fulfill our mission for the animals who share our journey.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for HSCAZ, please download, print, and complete the Volunteer Application:

Printable Volunteer Application

We have a monthly Volunteer Orientation for new volunteers and Hands-On Training for those wanting to work with dogs.  You may sign up when you drop off your completed application or we will call you when our next Orientation/Trainings have been scheduled.


Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, however:

Ages 12-15 can volunteer with a parent or guardian,

Ages 16 & 17 can volunteer on their own with parent or guardian consent.

Because the animals depend on our services we ask that you provide at least 9 hours of volunteer service every three months. Our volunteers should be positive and willing team members as all volunteer positions may work directly with the public, staff, and other volunteers.


Volunteer Areas

Animal Shelter

  • Socializing Cats/ Kittens/ Dogs:

Interact with cats, kittens, and dogs in their kennels and provide socialization and calmness while brushing, petting, and playing

  • Kennel Cleaning (Dogs):

Clean back of dog kennels to provide a clean environment for the dogs

  • Kennel Cleaning (Cats, Dogs, and ISO areas):

Clean and sanitize kennels, which could potentially house sick or injured animals, following protocols to provide a safe and clean environment

  • Cleaning Cat Condos and Houses:

Clean and sanitize cat houses and condos to help provide a safe and clean environment

  • Dog Walking:

Take approved dogs on walks to authorized areas

  • Dog Grooming:

Bathing dogs to help improve adoptability or for medical purposes

  • Foster Parent:

Provide foster care for behavior or medical needs

  • Housekeeping:

Help provide a clean environment for the office and public by doing laundry and dishes

  • Education Outreach:

Provide education through presentation designed specifically for youth through public education

  • Recycling Program & Maintenance:

Assist with recycling program and help with the various tasks involved, such as cans and ink cartridges. Provide assistance in repairs and maintenance to the shelter and the Resale Store. Sometimes making improvements or other changes

  • Yard Play:

Interact with dogs through free play, brushing, and positive reinforcement

Resale Store

  • Receiving
  • Register
  • Sorting

We couldn’t do it without you and hope that you will become involved in activities, events and programs to serve the animals who share our journey!

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