Town of Payson Dog Licensing

**To help stop/slow the spread of COVID during this pandemic, please wear a mask or face covering in our building.  Thank you.**

If you live within the Town of Payson, it is the law to get your dog licensed.  To receive a dog license, bring proof of your pets rabies vaccination to the shelter (605 W. Wilson Court).  Dog licenses are $15 if your pet is altered and $40 if they are unaltered.  Your dog's license is valid for the length of the rabies vaccine.  Hours for licensing are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.  If you have any questions, please call us at 928-474-5590.


For your convenience, we have added a new online process.  If you would like renew your current dog license or obtain a new license online with a credit card please continue to use the form below.  If you would like to mail in your request please use this form.  As always, you may come into the shelter for any licensing needs.

All requests MUST have a current rabies vaccination certificate attached.

*If your dog license has an expiration date on it or you have previously obtained it from the Community Development Office (near the police station), then you will need to request a new license.


If you need a new license, type "NEW". If you had a previous tag through us and need a replacement tag, type "REPLACEMENT". For a renewal, please enter your dog's current tag number.
If you only give the dog's age, DOB will be generated from the date of processing
Is your dog male or female?
Has your dog been spayed/neutered?
If your dog is mixed, what is your dog's most dominate breed?
If unknown, please type "mix" or "unknown". If it's a pure breed, type "none".

Your email will be used for any reminder notices

Credit cards will be processed once email is received and only with current rabies vaccine
What is the expiration date of the credit card?
This is the 3 digit number from the back of your card
Billing zip code for the credit card
If an option is not chosen, a receipt will NOT be sent