Low Cost Mobile Clinic

An integral part of our mission at the Humane Society of Central Arizona is an ongoing commitment to make every effort to control the over population of companion and free roaming animals. HSCAZ is the only outlet for low-cost spay and neuter services offered through the Voucher Program and our Low-Cost Mobile Clinic. The clinic is meant to make spay and neuter of companion animals possible for those in our communities who have been most negatively impacted in the economic downturn through loss of jobs, reduction in pay, changes in living situations and other difficult financial issues.

To find out when the next Spay and Neuter Clinic will be held please call:

(928) 474-5590

CAT    Cat Vaccines
Spay $95 Rabies $10
Neuter $75 Fellocell 4 FRCPC $15
DOG    Dog Vaccines
Spay Rabies $10
0-30 $110 DA2PP $15
31-50 $130 Bordetella $10
0-29 $105
30-50 $115
*Cost of pain medication is included in the cost of spay/neuter
Additional Services
Microchips $25
**Additional fees charged for:
Lactating $20-$30
In Heat $30-$40
Pregnant $40-$50
Cryptorchid $40-$60
(we are currently NOT accepting cryptorchid animals)
New Mobile Rig