Spay & Neuter Voucher Program

We apologize, but we are unable to provide vouchers at this time.


In the Rim Country, a number of residents have indoor/outdoor cats that seriously contribute to the feral cat problem. Pets – both dogs and cats – have free roam. This situation, combined with the residents’ inability to afford spay/neuter services has created the perfect storm and an increase in unwanted litters and to the overall feral and free roaming cat populations.

Since 2008 the Humane Society of Central Arizona’s Voucher Program has provided low-cost and free spay and neuters to qualifying residents of the Rim Country. In 2013 HSCAZ spayed and neutered over 500 animals in the community in partnership with participating veterinarians and clinics. Participating clinic include: Main Street Animal Clinic, Payson Pet Care, Rim Country Veterinary Clinic, and Star Valley Veterinary Clinic.

The availability of vouchers varies depending on grants and donations received. When applying for a voucher participants are asked to give a co-pay of what they can afford at the time of application. The co-pays received go into the Voucher program to make grant funding and monetary donations go further so we can serve more families in the community.